March 31, 2023

Commercial Cleaning

commercial cleaning services montreal

Commercial Cleaning Services Montreal

We also offer our Services to Clients living in Laval and West Island


As the well know saying that says, ‘’you have one chance to make a good impression’’. That’s why your commercial property must be at his best at all times as it will be impacting directly your sales numbers.

Car dealership: we understand that a place full of dust, dander, and pollen, can leave your sales staff feeling run-down and under performing. We are here to help you boost their morale by having a freshly cleaned commercial space and dustless shelves and displays. Your showroom floors are extremely important as they are your product display in this kind of setup and we always leave them spotless with a mechanical cleaning every time. The garage is also important to keep it clean from debris and oil for the well being and safety of the mechanics. A clean garage will help your staff be more focus, avoiding mistake and untimely saving you money. We will create a plan of cleaning for your garage that will certainly leave you very happy.

Stores: We notice the quality of your merchandise and all the effort you put into your visual presentation and we have the perfect cleaning service to match it. We will get rid of the annoying dust that accumulates between the piles of merchandise such as clothing or other goods, in the middle of all tables and each of its levels, racks, display, changing rooms, corners etc. Rest assure you’ll make the right choice of cleanliness with Men In Bubbles to match with your business.

laboratories: A professional environment like a laboratory needs great attention to details and the respect of using the right protocol for disinfection of the laboratory. Our staff is trained to make sure the spaces you use are disinfected and clean to his best. We always make sure your space is always ready for those periodic audits.

Gyms: From a clean reception to spotless mats and floor all the way to a fantastic cleaning and washing of the bathrooms and showers, Men In Bubbles will create a cleaning plan that outlines which areas of the gym need to be cleaned and how often, according to your specific needs making sure we clean the gym equipment, locker rooms, windows, and common areas keeping the place safe for your staff and members of the gym.

We do not leave dust accumulation on shelves, tables, air traps, back of doors or any other hidden corners. We can take care of all your windows washing wiping every drop leaving them free of leaks. We can also take care of your carpets with great attention to the removal of stains.

Our attention to details and our outstanding customer service will make Men In Bubbles the partner of choice for your commercial cleaning needs. Your investment will go beyond what you see.


Our Commercial cleaning services include:

  • Clean and sanitize restroom fixtures.
  • Vacuum carpeting
  • Dust and polish furniture and windows
  • Toilet cleaning and disinfecting
  • Restroom cleaning and disinfecting
  • Kitchen and Break Room cleaning
  • Vacuuming carpets and rugs
  • Sweeping and mopping floors
  • Rubbish collection
  • Complete floor maintenance
  • Cleaning reception areas
  • Cleaning of light fixtures
  • Entrance ways and corridors cleaning
  • Cubicles cleaning
  • Conference room cleaning
  • Elevators and stairways cleaning
  • Dusting of work spaces